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Gina Rose


Gina qualified with a BSc Hons degree Physiotherapy from St Mary’s Hospital, London in 1993.
Gina has worked in private practice and the NHS as a Musculoskeletal Therapist. She also has a special interest in manual therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction.

Gina has extensive experience in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and takes a very “hands on” approach to patient care. Manual therapy treatments include joint and soft tissue mobilisation, trigger point releasing and stretching. However, for an injury to fully resolve, to maintain the benefits of your physio session, and to prevent reoccurrence, it is also important to do specific exercises as part of a home exercise programme. These may include strengthening exercises for weak muscles, stability and posture correction exercises to encourage normal joint movement, and stretches to improve flexibility. Gina will tailor these exercises to your individual needs and give you supervision to ensure that you are able to do them effectively.

Conditions treated include:-
* Spinal Pain (Neck and Back)
* Joint and Muscular Problems
* Sports Injuries
* Post-Operative Rehabilitation following Orthopaedic Surgery (e.g. Total Knee/Hip replacement)
* Neurological Conditions
* Womens’ Health Physiotherapy