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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a dream-like state-of-mind that we naturally do without thinking, for example, we can be travelling and not remember the journey, yet we respond immediately to all actions required to get there.

When we are in this dream state and relaxed, the unconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. The Hypnotherapist will give you positive suggestions to help you to relax, which in turn assists you to find solutions to your problems. This will enable you to change habits, boost your confidence and be positive about your aims and goals.

A dream like state can vary from being light or a very deep sense of relaxation – but you do not lose consciousness, you are aware of my voice and any sounds around you. It is like daydreaming and when you come back you feel revitalised, relaxed with a positive step forward.

Clinical hypnotherapy has been shown to help with the following:
•Anger management
•Career development
•Childrens’ issues
•Digestion/Eating problems
•Emotional problems
•Exam nerves
•Fears (flying / travelling etc.)
•Insects (spiders/creepy crawlies etc.)
•Nail biting
•Public speaking
•Sleeping problems
•Stage performance
•Stop smoking/E-cigarettes
•Unwanted behaviour patterns
•Wedding nerves
•Weight control
•and more…

Therapists offering Hypnotherapy